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A Fairytale Union at Puddicombe House: Brianna & Kyle’s Enchanting Wedding Day

A Fairytale Union at Puddicombe House: Brianna & Kyle’s Enchanting Wedding Day Brianna and Kyle’s historic Puddicombe House wedding in New Hamburg wasn’t just a day to remember; it was a heartfelt celebration etched in time. Their love story, set amidst the architectural splendor of this Victorian landmark, showcased the timeless beauty of true love. […]

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Need a Wedding Planner? Know When to Hire One


When to Hire a Wedding Planner & How to Know if You Need One

Navigating Wedding Planning Effortlessly:


Avoiding Wedding Planning Stress

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?


Your wedding photography is the one aspect of your big day that can be truly considered an investment. But how much of your budget should you be allocating towards it? Obviously, as a wedding photographer in Kitchener/Waterloo, you’d expect me to say that big day photography is priceless. But trust me, it really is. You […]

I’m Engaged Now What?


You may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, and wondering what comes next… Have no fear, I’ll guide you through the first few steps you should/could take as an engaged couple. First off, congratulations! This is one heck of an exciting time, and you’re no doubt feeling a huge range of emotions right now. […]

Roadmap to Your Dream Venue


10 Questions to Ask Your Ontario Wedding Venue You won’t find the perfect wedding venue if you don’t ask the right questions! Finding the ideal venue for your Ontario wedding involves a little more than just picking the first Google result that pops up, or simply picking somewhere just because it’s pretty.  Your chosen celebration […]

How to Craft a Memorable Maid of Honour Speech


Hello brides and their loyal sidekicks! As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and let me tell you, one of the moments that always stands out is the Maid of Honour speech. It’s a heartfelt and often hilarious tribute to the bride and the couple’s journey together. However, writing such a […]

Six Beautiful Wedding Venues in Waterloo Region


If you’re planning to tie the knot in the Waterloo Region, and you’re now looking for some stunning wedding venues, you’re in luck!  This area is full of charming places to exchange your vows in, and celebrate in style. Whether you’re local to the Region of Waterloo, or you’re just planning to get hitched here, […]