A Fairytale Union at Puddicombe House: Brianna & Kyle’s Enchanting Wedding Day


Brianna and Kyle’s historic Puddicombe House wedding in New Hamburg wasn’t just a day to remember; it was a heartfelt celebration etched in time. Their love story, set amidst the architectural splendor of this Victorian landmark, showcased the timeless beauty of true love.

The Engagement Contest Prelude

It all began on a crisp winter’s day when Brianna and Kyle won second place in our coveted engagement contest. Their prize? A winter wonderland photoshoot that allowed their love to shine against the snowy backdrop of Elora‚Äôs stunning landscapes. That day, our cameras didn’t just capture their love; they caught a glimpse of a bond destined for greatness.

Wedding Day Forecast

Fast forward to their wedding day, where a mix of sunbeams and rainclouds hovered uncertainly. With the threat of rain looming over their planned outdoor ceremony, Brianna had one wish – clear skies as she walked down the aisle. Drawing on my years of experience, we strategized a simple yet effective plan: delay the ceremony by thirty minutes. This small pivot worked wonders, and as Brianna stepped out, the clouds parted, granting her wish for a ceremony bathed in natural light.

Emotions and Moments

Puddicombe House, with its lush gardens and ornate interiors, mirrored the day’s spectrum of emotions. Joyful laughter echoed through its halls, and tearful expressions of happiness adorned the faces of loved ones. It was a day where every second was a snapshot of unbridled joy, love, and the warmth of family and friends coming together.

Ceremony and Celebration

As the couple exchanged vows under the benevolent gaze of the sun, Puddicombe House stood as a witness to their promises. Each corner of the estate was a perfect canvas for love – from its sprawling gardens, where the ceremony unfolded, to the elegantly set reception hall where celebration ensued. The floral arrangements, exquisitely crafted by Buds and Blooms KW, added a vibrant burst of life to every corner, complementing the estate’s charm.

Photographic Journey

As a photographer, I sought to encapsulate the essence of their bond in every frame. Puddicombe House, with its picturesque backdrop, served as the perfect muse for my lens. From stolen glances to the grandeur of the venue, every photograph was a testament to Brianna and Kyle’s journey – a testament I was honoured to chronicle.

Reflections and Future

The day ended as it began – with the promise of tomorrow. As Brianna and Kyle ventured into their new life together, the memories made at Puddicombe House lingered in the air, a sweet reminder of the day’s magic.

Your Puddicombe House Wedding

If Brianna and Kyle’s story has inspired you, and you dream of a Puddicombe House wedding that’s just as enchanting, I’d be honoured to tell your story. Connect with me, and let’s turn your special day into timeless memories.

Vendor Spotlight:

Venue: Puddicombe House thank you honoured

Flowers: Bud & Flowers KW

Musician/Band: The Soenen Sisters Music