Our couples are looking for storytelling images that capture the essence of their relationship and the day, attention to detail and quality in artistry and lighting/composition.

I'm Matt


Over the years, freelancing for various companies has allowed me to document over 300 weddings, each adding to my story and craft. Alongside my professional journey, I found love with my wonderful wife, Becky. Together, with our 17-year-old cat, we've built a life in Kitchener, filled with love, laughter, and countless road trips. From Costa Rica to Chile, Europe, the UK, and across North America, we cherish the adventure of discovering new landscapes, cultures, and capturing the beauty of our world.

My mission is to bring the essence of photojournalism into your wedding day, telling your unique story with authenticity, emotion, and a keen eye for the moments that truly matter. Let's embark on this beautiful journey together, creating memories that not only last a lifetime but also tell the incredible story of your love.

a glimpse behind the camera

storytelling, the essence of your relationship, lighting/composition, adventure/fun and cherish the beauty of your unique journey

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by amid the whirlwind of wedding planning. I'm Matt Green, a Kitchener-based wedding photographer with a passion for capturing stories across Ontario and beyond. My journey into photography began with a high school co-op job at 16, where I delved into the art of darkroom development and black-and-white film, crafting my skills in capturing moments and emotions. I love that I have some of the most beautiful landscapes in my own backyard.

After high school, my path led me through studios, capturing portraits, weddings, and sporting events, including the exhilarating World Cup bike race in Hamilton. This diverse experience sparked my love for photojournalism, drawing me to the idea of preserving history through my lens. While studying photojournalism in college, I fully immersed myself in photography, eventually facing a crossroad between journalism and wedding photography. My heart chose weddings for their joyous, story-rich celebrations, guiding me to specialize in this field.



Travel, landscape photography, meeting new people, movies, capturing real moments, and story telling.

Favourite place

My wife's family cabin in Quebec, and travelling Europe.


Going on a road trip!


I love making BIG prints!