How to Craft a Memorable Maid of Honour Speech


Hello brides and their loyal sidekicks! As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and let me tell you, one of the moments that always stands out is the Maid of Honour speech. It’s a heartfelt and often hilarious tribute to the bride and the couple’s journey together. However, writing such a speech can be daunting. So, I’ve compiled eight easy steps to craft a memorable Maid of Honour speech that will have everyone laughing, crying, and cheering. Buckle up and let’s dive right in!

Maid of honour writing words of wisdom.

Step 1: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Look through old photos to reignite precious memories. These photographic treasures can be a wellspring of hilarious anecdotes, tender moments, and notable milestones that define your friendship with the bride. Seeing the journey you’ve been through together can infuse your speech with sincere nostalgia.

Step 2: Celebrate Your Friendship

Create a timeline highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped your bond. Whether it’s the wild college nights, the late-night heart-to-heart chats, or the joint adventures you’ve embarked upon, these shared experiences can paint a vivid picture of your incredible friendship.

Step 3: The First Meeting with the Fiancé

Share about the moment you met the groom-to-be. Was it a funny encounter? Did you know he was ‘The One’ for your friend right away? Or did it take a few meetings? This can add a personal touch and also involve the groom in the narrative.

Step 4: The Power Couple

Talk about the couple’s unique dynamics. Share what makes them perfect for each other, how they complement each other, and their adorable quirks that make them the incredible pair they are. This part of the speech often resonates with everyone, as it echoes their own observations and sentiments about the couple.

Step 5: Speech Time – Be Authentic!

When delivering your speech, remember to be yourself. Authenticity and sincerity trump any pre-scripted speech. Be real, be you, and be prepared – have tissues at the ready! Emotions might run high, and that’s okay. It makes the moment more poignant.

Step 6: Applause, Cheering, and Fireworks!

At the end of your speech, bask in the applause, cheers, and metaphorical fireworks. You did it! You’ve shared a heartfelt tribute to your best friend on one of the most important days of her life.

Step 7: Time for Congratulations

Now’s the time to give your favourite newlyweds a big hug. Smile for the cameras – you’re a part of their priceless memories now!

Step 8: Unwind and Dance

After the emotions and applause, it’s time to relax. Hit the dance floor and enjoy the celebration of love. You’ve earned it!

Bonus: The DON’Ts

While speeches are fun, there are a couple of things to avoid. Firstly, it’s okay to let loose at weddings, but save it for after the speeches. Secondly, embarrassing stories and inside jokes are best kept between you and the bride. The goal is to make the speech enjoyable for everyone present.

Wrapping Up

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through these tips. I’m Matt Green, a wedding photographer based in Kitchener, and I’ve shot over 300 weddings worldwide. Capturing timeless memories for couples with utmost care and pride is my passion. Feel free to explore my portfolios and services page for a glimpse of my work. For any queries or questions about pricing, don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page.

Cheers to crafting a memorable Maid of Honour speech and making the wedding.