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Farm Wedding Photography Ontario | Becca & Caleb’s Homestead Celebration

Capture the Essence of Your Ontario Farm Wedding Farm wedding photography in Ontario offers a unique and rustic charm that cannot be replicated in any other setting. Becca and Caleb’s homestead celebration is a perfect example of how natural beauty can provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. A Rustic Canvas for Love Nestled […]

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When Colours Meet Love: Josh and Nicole’s Quaint Church Wedding in Ontario


A Quaint Church Venue Full of Stories – Hauser Hall Friends, I’m thrilled to take you through a day where love was the truest hue – Josh and Nicole’s quaint Church wedding at Hauser Hall. This isn’t just any venue; it’s a historical church turned into a sanctuary of nuptials, nestled in the picturesque heart […]

A Fairytale Union at Puddicombe House: Brianna & Kyle’s Enchanting Wedding Day


Brianna and Kyle’s historic Puddicombe House wedding in New Hamburg wasn’t just a day to remember; it was a heartfelt celebration etched in time. Their love story, set amidst the architectural splendor of this Victorian landmark, showcased the timeless beauty of true love. The Engagement Contest Prelude It all began on a crisp winter’s day […]

Winter Wedding Photography: Love in an Ontario Blizzard


Introduction: Embracing the Chill with Warm Hearts Are you dreaming of a winter wedding that captures the beauty of the season? This is the tale of a “Winter Wedding Photography” extravaganza in Brampton and Mississauga, where love blossomed amidst a charming blizzard. The Blizzard’s Ballet: A Unique Backdrop for Your Love Story Picture this: delicate […]

How to Get Through Wedding Planning Without Sweating the Small Stuff


Avoiding Wedding Planning Stress

How to Pick Your Engagement Session Outfit


A Guide to Choosing Your Engagement Session Outfit

Why wedding photography matters


Peeling back the layers of the phrase “photography is a way of knowing” opens up a world of profound understanding. Jerry Thompson, in his riveting book, ‘Why Photography Matters’, beautifully captures this sentiment. While photography is an art form, it’s also a gateway to deeply personal insights and stories. This philosophy is what fuels my […]

Adventure begins with the art of story-telling.


Yay! I’m really happy to hear about your engagement. I remember when I proposed to Becky like it was yesterday – that was 14 years ago this Valentine’s Day! One minute she said yes, and the next minute we were asking our questions to potential wedding photographers. Before you meet a potential wedding photographer, it’s […]

The Joy in Wedding Photography: My Story


Being drawn into a profession that blends creative freedom with life’s grand adventures led me to the compelling world of wedding photography. For more than twenty years, I’ve embarked on this incredible journey, capturing the magic of matrimonial celebrations. From documenting the intimate moments of a couple eloping amidst Chile’s striking landscapes, to encapsulating the […]

How to Craft a Memorable Maid of Honour Speech


Hello brides and their loyal sidekicks! As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and let me tell you, one of the moments that always stands out is the Maid of Honour speech. It’s a heartfelt and often hilarious tribute to the bride and the couple’s journey together. However, writing such a […]