How to Choose the Perfect Family Photo Outfits


Don’t look back on your outfits for that special family photo in horror, instead create a timeless look that you’ll love for a lifetime.

Finding the ideal portrait photographer may be challenging sometimes, but so is deciding on the outfits for a family photo. Because you don’t want to get it wrong! These shots are sometimes once-in-a-lifetime moments. Rare opportunities to capture the whole gang together. And so, the last thing you want is for all the focus to be on you, and your weird outfit!

Even if it’s a regular, close family photo you’re arranging, your outfits still needs to be carefully considered. Imagine hanging that special family portrait of you and the kids up in the hall, or over the fireplace. And instead of smiling every time you catch sight of it, you cringe, wondering why you wore those pants, and that shirt!

Family portrait wardrobe coordination doesn’t have to be challenging, it just needs to be considered. And when choosing outfits for your family photo, there are a few key factors you should keep in mind. The season, for example, needs to be taken into account when picking key colours and textured clothing. Concentrate on creating a unified aesthetic (not matching), and wearing clothes that’ll give your pictures a classic look.

Of course, capturing the love of your family is the most significant aspect of any portrait, regardless of outfits. And creating a unique photograph of your family unit that exudes closeness, and informality is what we’re all striving for. But that’s our job, as a family portrait photographer! It’s up to you to put together outfits that look good together now, and still love 10, 20 years from now.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Family Photo Outfits Coordinate, Don’t Match

The days of matching everyone’s outfits together are long gone. Unless you’re attempting to create some cute, funny scene with everyone in the same pyjamas, for example, please don’t go the matchy-matchy route. It looks staged, tired and totally unnatural. And your family members will not feel able to express their own unique personalities.

Instead, talk to each other while choosing outfits for your family photo, and find a common theme. Maybe a colour, texture, or pattern that can be subtly woven (not literally) into each of your looks’. Picking two main colours is a good place to start. Then move onto adding softer tones as accents to complete your colour scheme. By picking hues that complement each other, you’ll be achieving a more natural look across the board.

Consider Your Backdrop

Spending time carefully considering cohesive family photo outfits will be a complete waste of time, if you don’t think about where you’re shooting too. Your backdrop needs to be thought of, and kept in mind when picking out clothing. Imagine if you’re wearing a white shirt, and you have your picture taken against a white background. You’ll look like a floating head! Equally, you don’t want a collection of outfits that clashes completely with your background.

Think ahead, especially if you’re shooting at home, and make sure your backdrop is as coordinated as your outfits.

Work with the Season, Not Against it

It’s crucial you consider the diverse colours, climates, and landscapes connected with the seasons. The outfits you choose for your family photo should reflect, maybe even celebrate, the time of year you’re in. Besides, creating a look that screams Autumn, for example, is fun! And it’ll make your search for a colour scheme easier too, just think about the tones associated with that season, and go from there.

Avoid Distracting Elements

Wearing items of clothing with bold designs or big logos will distract from the overall look and feel of your image. Strong patterns and prints can often also overwhelm a photograph. For your family photo, stay away from items that clash, or overpower, and instead select outfits with just one pattern or textured feature.

Start Early When Planning Outfits for Your Family Photo

There’s no time like the present, and when picking out outfits for a family photo, it pays to plan. You’ll feel a lot less anxious the more time you give yourself. And having alternatives too is always beneficial, especially when dressing your kids. Obviously, small children do grow at an incredible rate, so don’t buy anything too far in advance. But just don’t leave things until the day before your portrait shoot.

The easiest way to plan, and see the items you’ve gathered as one collective look, is to lay them out flat on the bed, or floor. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how the pieces feel next to each other, and you can quickly swap things around to create the desired effect.

Be You & Have Fun

Your family photo doesn’t have to look like a Hallmark Christmas movie poster, unless you want it to. If you’re a family who feels most themselves rocking a band t-shirt and threadbare jeans, then don’t feel like you need to change for your portrait. As long as you know you’ll feel happy with your overall look, years from now, then stick with what feels right.

A family photo, and the outfits you wear, should reflect your individuality. So have fun with what you wear, and dress up in a way that makes you, and your loved ones, happy.

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