Why wedding photography matters


Peeling back the layers of the phrase “photography is a way of knowing” opens up a world of profound understanding. Jerry Thompson, in his riveting book, ‘Why Photography Matters’, beautifully captures this sentiment. While photography is an art form, it’s also a gateway to deeply personal insights and stories. This philosophy is what fuels my brand’s vision – to seize authentic moments that echo with truth.

People often wonder about my style of wedding photography. Well, it’s a blend of real, unfiltered moments and carefully composed portraits. I love stirring a scene where couples and families can express themselves freely and then capture the raw emotions. At the same time, I find beauty in chaos, in the candid laughter, the joyous tears, and the spontaneous actions that give life to a wedding day.

Fast forward to a time when you’re nestled on your couch with your nearest and dearest around. You pull out your wedding album, or maybe, in the near future, you just project your cherished memories in front of you. You’re not just showing images; you’re painting a vivid picture of your wedding day, complete with all its emotions, laughter, and love.

Wedding photography, thus, is your family’s time machine, letting everyone experience the fashion, the vibe, and the heartfelt moments of your special day. It’s a precious heirloom, a way for generations to connect and know about your beautiful love story.

My journey to photojournalism was inspired by my father, a dedicated history teacher. He passed down stories of the past, and I found myself wanting to do the same, but through a different medium – wedding photography. By capturing a family’s joyous occasion, I document a slice of their history, a legacy for future generations to know and cherish.

As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of shooting over 300 weddings worldwide. Every snapshot reflects my commitment to the couple and the immense pride I take in creating enduring memories for them.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and see the love stories I’ve told through my lens. If my work resonates with you, check out my services page for a detailed overview of my packages. For any questions or queries about pricing, reach out via my contact page. Here’s to creating and preserving your magical moments. Thanks for reading!